Calling all purveyors of sustainable products, proposals and prose
This post marks the initial steps of a carefully considered period of transition for myself, my way of life and for my business, Moore Language Solutions. This transition was born of the essential need for change in how we humans conduct our lives on our precious planet. It is time to be proactive. I am talking about making a deliberate and increasing effort to be more sustainable. I am talking about putting our planet first for the ultimate benefit of all creatures within it. I believe that, as an individual and as a business owner, it is my responsibility to do everything within my power to:

  • protect the environment
  • reduce my consumption of resources
  • identify opportunities for positive change and growth
  • consider the consequences of my actions and strive for progress
  • offer innovative solutions to unsustainable problems and practices
  • make informed decisions about how to invest my time, money and energy
  • take a resourceful and creative approach towards how I organise and manage my business
  • support and promote creative, responsible and sustainable products, businesses and ideas
  • harness my professional, social and creative skills in order to grow my business and nurture my philosophies
  • 2013 was one of the busiest years of my life in terms of change. Towards the end of that year, Moore Language Solutions – as it is today – came into being; a decade of travel, employment and further qualification culminated in the exciting shift towards becoming a full-time, freelance language service provider. As well as this adjustment towards my ideal profession, I married my childhood sweetheart and comrade in life. Immediately after our unforgettable wedding celebrations and honeymoon (both of which were long-awaited opportunities to rejoice our love, our loved-ones and our mutual goals), changes started to occur at lightning speed. We found a place to live in Eastbourne, my husband started in a new engineering role and, before the end of the year, we had bought a new home in a different corner of the United Kingdom.

    Immediately after New Year in 2014, I collected the keys to our new residence and went about creating a home, a school and an office within its Edwardian walls. We had transposed our lives from the quietude of Somerset, in the South West of England, to the still luscious yet more populous county of East Sussex, in the South East England. Throughout the year, we worked and talked and planned and talked some more. In fact, although I have always believed that communication and language are paramount to mutual understanding and the realisation of objectives, I now sincerely believe this privileged human faculty to be the principal tool for positive change in the world. As a result of all our talking, our mutual sense of responsibility and purpose has driven us to realise that what is most important to us was not our personal existence; rather, it is the collective world we inhabit.

    For this reason, we are creating a plan and putting phases of this plan strategically into action. I have every intention for 2015 to be another highly significant year in the diary of my life. I will focus on the points I have detailed above in this post and, therefore, will be seeking collaboration with other like-minded individuals, companies and movements in order to realise my objectives; our objectives. Owing to the fact that my work as a freelance translator, proof-reader, transcriber and teacher is based, in its very essence, upon language and communication, I am in the serendipitous position of being able to marry my work with my ideals. Therefore, if you an individual or part of an organisation seeking to contribute to a more sustainable system for living, please let me know as I may be able to work with you towards this goal. If you have a message, a product or a service which can change the world for the better, and if you can benefit from my skillset, then this post is an invitation for you to contact me.

    I can help you in the following ways:

  • I can translate your website, thesis, book and other formats of documentation so that you can reach a wider audience or appeal directly to speakers of a certain language.
  • Proof-reading

  • I will ensure that your informative or promotional literature is clear, concise and grammatically correct. This means that you can focus on using your specialist knowledge in your specialist field whilst I manage the written message.
  • Transcription

  • I will transcribe the spoken content of your audio or audio-visual media, creating a textual record of your data that it is accessible to a greater number of individuals and to those who are sight or hearing impaired.
  • Language Tuition

  • I can provide you with the tools, the confidence and the support necessary to learn a new language or to improve your language skills. This will allow you to broadcast yourself or your message further.
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