Hello, buoys and gulls!

Moore Language Solutions has relocated from the sensuous surroundings of Somerset to the evocative environs of Eastbourne! The sea laps at the southern coast only a few hundred metres from where my office sits on Terminus Road, and the persistently vocal seagulls are a throwback to a time when the sea was less charted. The South Downs rise and curve to the West – with shocking white cliffs and fog on their peaks – and the clambering economic hub of the UK buzzes 70 miles to the North. Moore Language Solutions is at once closer to the Capital and closer to the sea than ever before.

We will have a new permanent address in the coming months; just off the road to the town centre, within a convenient distance of the educational institutions in the area and just a three minute walk from the beach! With a new office on the horizon in an exciting new location, Moore Language Solutions sends their salutations to our new neighbours! To all the acquaintances we have made in the last three weeks, ‘A presto!’, ‘A bientôt!, and ‘See you soon!’

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