Italian for Improvers 8-Week Course Spring 2019

If you are interested in continuing with your Italian studies, my new ‘Italian for Improvers’ 8-week course may be just what you need! The new course will start on Monday 25th February 2019 (7:30-9pm) at Mythos Meze Bar Chepstow! Click here to view the course details: 2019 Italian for Improvers Course Information

What you should already be familiar with and expect to study in the new course:
This course is ideal for those who completed my 10-week Italian for Beginners course in the Autumn of 2018, or for students with an understanding of the present tense, Italian sentence and question structure, Italian pronunciation, some basic vocabulary and an idea of some simple prepositions but who wish to be able to communicate in more detail with Italian natives.

The Italian for Improvers course will focus in particular on how to formulate the past tense and will have an emphasis on spoken language in order to ask and answer questions (there will also be weekly opportunities to listen to, write in and read Italian). We will also see some future tense structures with common verbs such as avere, essere & andare. Every week, we will study a different real-life scenario so that we can learn how to apply our previous knowledge of present tense Italian to new, more complex situations which will require other tenses for clarification. As per all of my language courses, I will provide a weekly handout which you will also receive in digital format by email after each lesson. I will be providing a link to a video for review every week; each video will focus on a single main aspect of each lesson. (E.g. A certain verb conjugation, using different tenses together, how to ask questions in the past tense etc.)

You will be able to review all event details at this publicly Facebook link:

Revision workshops prior to course commencement (precise dates/times tbc.):
I am also planning one or two group revision workshops prior to course start date to bring students who have not revisited their Italian recently up to speed with the essentials if they feel they need some additional support. If there is sufficient interest, I will be looking to run these either at my home office in Chepstow or at Mythos on Monday evening/s a week or so before the 25th February and they will likely last between 2-3 hours with a break.

If you would like more information, please feel free to send me an email ( or to give me a call on 07414 501 933 / 01291 622 136.

Italian for Improvers Chepstow Spring 2019

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