Language Tuition

Are you trying to improve your English language skills?
Perhaps you have just moved to the UK and you want to improve your conversational English?
Do you need some help before you take an exam/submit important documentation or coursework?
Maybe you just want to brush up on your French or Italian language before your go on holiday?

Flexibility is key

I offer tuition and support in the English, French and Italian languages to individuals and small groups, tailoring my lessons to suit the student/s. I am pleased to work with students of all nationalities and abilities.

My approach is friendly and flexible and I will always strive to make your language-learning a fun and relaxed experience.

- You can choose a 45-minute session, a 60-minute session or a 90-minute session.
- You can ‘pay as you go’ or pay for a block of sessions in advance.
- We can meet in person at the Moore Language Solutions office or I can tutor you online via Skype.
- We can work from either your resources (such as a school textbook or coursebook) or from my own.
- I am also available to work with schools and other educational institutions on a peripatetic basis.

Whatever your needs, please feel free to get in touch. You can find my contact information on the Contact page.

I understand what it is like to learn a new language

I have been learning languages for more than 20 years! When I was very young, my parents took my brother and I to France for long summer holidays. It was bliss! At home, we would watch French-language videos and come the summer months, we were able to put what we had learned into practice (even if it was basic – it was a good start!)

Since then, I have studied languages in many different environments; in class at school, in weekly evening classes, by living with host families in France and Italy, studying at a French university, attending courses at language institutes in Italy and whilst studying for my BA, PGCE and Masters. I have also taught students in comprehensive schools, in private one-to-one lessons and in extracurricular French and Italian clubs, so I know what it feels like to be both the student and the teacher!

I understand that sometimes it can be difficult, frustrating or even embarrassing when learning a language; however, I like to make my students feel good about themselves. If you make a mistake, that’s great, because we will be able to learn from it. With the right support, enthusiasm and encouragement, you will start to understand how to use language, vocabulary and grammar as tools. When you understand how to use these tools, you can truly become creative and expressive with your language learning. It can be a very exciting and satisfying experience and I would thoroughly recommend giving it a go!

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