Ensuring perfection in a document

Whether you are a native English-speaker, or whether it is your second, third or even your fourth language, proof-reading will ensure that the language in your document is fluent, clear and correct.

I will correct grammatical and orthographical errors so that your work is seamless and professional. I also check that formatting and punctuation is consistent throughout your text and make any necessary omissions, additions or suggestions with explanations for each.

Tracked Changes and Comments using Microsoft Word

Corrections, amendments and suggestions can be implemented using Microsoft Word’s Tracked Changes and Comments features which allow changes to be made directly into the text and comments assigned to each change. These comments appear in the margin of the document so that you can review the changes I have made as well as explanations for each change. The author can then ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ each change; hence, the author retains ownership of the text whilst also benefiting from the specialist knowledge of a meticulous, qualified native English linguist.

To give an accurate quotation, please let me know the following:
- document type (e.g holiday brochure, email correspondence, magazine article, academic essay)
- text format (e.g. Word Document, PDF, printed copy)
- the format of the proof-read document I will produce for you (e.g Word Document, PDF, printed copy)
- total word count of the source text
- your deadline
- any additional information

Working In-House

Depending on my schedule, I can also be available to proof-read in-house, at your home or on your business premises.

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