Creating a written record

I will create an electronic text file and/or printed document as a record of words spoken in English in an audio or video recording. This document can be used as a visual aid for audiovisual subtitling, as an easily searchable written record for research purposes or it can be printed as part of a report for manual review. I take into account the nature and intended use of the transcription and adapt my approach to meet the specific needs of each client.

Examples of transcription projects:

  • Market research vox pops
  • Interviews for press publications
  • Subtitles for Youtube video lesson for foreign viewers
  • Recording of court proceedings
  • Dictation of correspondence by clients with impaired hearing or sight
  • Recordings of voice notes by physicians, lawyers, surveyors & other professionals
  • Recorded lectures or presentations for private study & searchable reference
  • Working In-House

    Depending on my schedule, I can also be available to transcribe in-house, at your home or on your business premises.  There is a basic charge of £30.00 per hour for this service. Additional charges may apply depending on your location and the times at which you require the service.

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